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The private wealth management sector of the financial services market is one that focuses on serving the needs of wealthy clients. It incorporates a wide range of services, from financial planning to diligently managing significant amounts of wealth. Professionals in this sector such as Kevin Neal, who works at Luxembourg-based Blue Fin Capital, family offices, private banks and other similar clients grow their portfolios, plan for the future and protect their assets. In his work for Blue Fin Capital, Mr. Neal has played a key role in distributing property and alternative asset classes.

The journey towards wealth accumulation is one that comes with opportunities and responsibilities. With an abundance of information and options available to clients, making the right decision can be confusing and time-consuming. To investors and clients, this frustration is only compounded when assets grow.

Blue Fin Capital was founded to assist in this area by providing professional and objective expertise in investment management. By providing a tailored approach for every client, the firm has managed to keep clients happy and invested in its success.

The Investment Philosophy

Blue Fin Capital appreciates that earning and saving money takes effort and time. As such, the firm believes that a sound investment program should give capital preservation a high priority, thereby enabling investors to retain their purchasing power. Such a program should also cater for the effects of taxes and inflation that accumulate over time. In the company’s experience, equities have been effective in providing returns to clients. For this reason, the team at Blue Fin Capital ensures that equities are a part of the investment mix for long-term investors.

In Blue Fin’s view, having accounts managed separately offers several benefits to investors, including tax efficiency, investment transparency and portfolio control. These diversified accounts also help to reduce investment turnover, which can eat into returns. The firm likes having diversified portfolios for balancing realised gains with any losses that occur. These accounts take into consideration the inequalities that different businesses have. Some have sound structures and enjoy consistent positive returns, making it essential to have a mix of these and others that may provide better returns in the long run.

At the core of Blue Fin Capital’s work is an understanding of risk management and how to deal with the various levels and types present in the financial markets. Portfolio diversification is part of the risk strategy, as is targeting firms that employ low financial leverage and investing in businesses whose goals are similar to their shareholders. While there are some specialised portfolios under the company’s management, it employs a risk management strategy that controls risk exposure for all its assets.

The Investment Strategy

Blue Fin Capital’s clients can expect their wealth to be invested in two major asset classes: Equities and Fixed Income investments. Investments in equities are targeted at businesses that show excellent management and attractive valuation. These firms also tend to have competitive advantages over others, making it vital for Blue Fin Capital to find these and establish long-term positions.

The company’s decision to invest in fixed income assets is mainly driven by the need to reduce volatility within the portfolio, generate income and preserve capital. Before making any investment, the firm assesses the risk and tax characteristics of a client, important attributes that define the positions established in corporate, municipal and treasury bond markets. Blue Fin Capital has an affinity for securities offered by entities with high credit ratings because it believes these align with the firm’s investment objectives.